Board Policies, Bids and Special Information

From Jill Thompson, Athens County Auditor (April, 2014 Facebook Page):  "Friends, it's springtime and the real estate listings are growing along with home improvement projects. The law in Ohio requires property owners that make improvements to their property to notify our office by filing a building notice. This notice must be filed within 60 days of beginning any improvements. Recently, someone came to my office and expressed that they did not believe they had to notify our office until the improvement was complete. That is not correct. This indi...vidual now has an extremely high tax bill for each prior year she did not report the construction and a hefty 50% penalty. The law requires us to add a 50% penalty if we discover the improvement and a building notice was not filed. Don't make our office add a 50% penalty to your property improvements. Please file a building notice with our office when you are building or improving your current property. Feel free to call the real estate division with your questions 740-592-3223."