Lodi Township, Athens County

Lodi Township is located in the southern part of Athens County, Ohio in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains.  Rural Lodi Township has breathtaking views of rolling hills, wooded farm land and abundant wildlife.  Lodi Township's 1403 residents embrace country living with quick access to the county seat, Athens, and home of Ohio University.  20 minutes to the south is the historical town of Pomeroy and the Ohio River.   
Welcome to Lodi Township!
 Private Cabin on King Road
Farm on Shade Road                                

Lodi Township Board of Trustees
            Denver Jordan, Chairman of the Board
            740-696- 1256
            Four-year term ending 12/31/23

            Albert "Shorty" Hawk
            Four-year term ending 12/31/2021

            Larry Baringer, Trustee
            Four-year term ending 12/31/2021
            Jonetta Niggemeyer, Fiscal Officer
            Four-year term ending 3/31/24
           Contact Information
            Lodi Township
            15525 Fossil Rock Road
            Athens, Ohio 45701