Fire Department

Richland Area Fire Department - Station 3

US Route 33, Shade, Ohio 45776

Station Phone: 740-593-6077

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The Richland Area Fire Department received its charter in 1954, after a fire in a home in 1952 killed a two year old girl at the South Y on Richland Avenue, know as Mechanicsburg. The original station set on Richland Avenue where the overpass is now. Station 2 was purchased to make a quicker response to the eastern part of the area and it is located on East State Street. When the new bypass came through in the 70’s, Station 1 was moved to Hooper Rd. In 2004, the idea was born to put Station 3 in Lodi Township. This project began in 2007 and was finished, and occupancy achieved, in 2010.

Now 58 years later the Richland Area Fire Department has 3 Stations, 1 rescue truck, 3 first out pumpers, 2 tankers, 2 brush trucks, a first responder vehicle, a boat, and a 6 man Polaris for fighting brush fires. There are 30 Firefighters, 3 First Responders, and 1 Junior Firefighter that make up the staff of the fire department. The fire department covers approximately 90 square rural miles: 2/3 of Athens Township outside of Athens City, ½ of Alexander Township, ½ of Canaan Township, and all of Lodi Township.

The Richland Area Fire Department would like to thank the constituents of these Townships for their support in making this a success.